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Health Bites KOI



  • Health Bites KOI
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  • Koi Diseases and Their Treatments
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    Health Bites KOI

    What type of salt would I use and how much for a 20 gallon aquarium? I am using melafix at a rate of 2 teaspoons per day for 7 days to treat a couple Koi for mouth not opening. I have a salt calculator on my site but the amount will depend on what percentage you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to just provide some osmotic relief or trying to combat a disease of some sort? Whatever you add you will want to do it over several days.

    I have a mixed breed small pond in my backyard koi, black moor, fan tail, a channel catfish, and tadpoles. Recently my black moor developed one white spot just behind the gill but behaves normal as do the other fish.

    This spot is about 2mm in diameter. Im unable to diagnose the problem myself and would greatly appreciate any help. I love my fish and would hate to lose any. I do live in Colorado so my water temperature is low and I have not fed my fish as a result if that helps. Please advise on possible causes and treatment thank you.

    White spots could be several things though such as Trichodina which is a parasite as is White Spot. Cotton Wool disease is another ailment that causes white on the body -its fungal in nature. I would quarantine this fish and do the treatment described above. You can also treat fungus using something containing malachite green like Proform C.

    If you are feeding like 3 times a day I would reduce that for sure. I just took a close look at my koi since the harsh winter and noticed that one of the butterfly koi has some kind of growth coming out of his mouth. Kind of looks like a bubble of tissue. Below is an excerpt from my site regarding the subject:. My best guess here would be carp pox. Because your fish are doing well otherwise and carp pox usually shows up when there is a drop in pond temps fall or a rise in pond temps spring I would be confident is saying that is what it is.

    Its a herpes virus and there is no cure -your fish will always have it to some degree but it should lessen as you get into summer and temps are more steady and high. Salt will help in a couple different ways including making conditions more difficult for some viruses and bacteria to do well in and making it osmotically easier on the fish.

    You will also want to feed you fish some frozen peas. It appears that your fish may have a swim bladder disorder and it may be caused by a virus or bacteria -its tough to say for sure with swim bladder issues. Make sure the quarantine tank is sufficiently aerated.

    My fish suddenly bloated.. His scales seemed tto soften and the opening of his gills seemed to have curled..

    What do i do? One treatment you can put into play is injection of antibiotics and putting the fish in quarantine. Yes, you certainly can. I have a koi that is bent. Do you know how to help me? Electrical leak is unlikely but the others are all possible though I would put my money on the Vitamin C deficiency and if that is the case you can reverse it over time by increasing the Vit. Hi, I have a gallon koi pond. Three days ago I noticed my biggest koi was resting on the bottom and not eating.

    She was fine and eating the day before. We had a blue heron hanging around so I thought she was scared. We were told to add a little salt to decrease her stress. Well yesterday, we noticed her gills were a little swollen and the sides of her face discolored.

    We brought the salt up another 0. We did that again today. It is now up to 0. I was suspecting some sort of gill parasite. Today, after we added the salt, she seems to be swimming around more. I know that she is probably irritated by what is going on and the salt. I will I know if this is working. Is her swimming around showing she is getting better?? I was told to continue and increase the salt to 0.

    I really do not want to lose this fish!! I have a koi with thin appearance. It looks like it just stays bottom of the tank and difficult to breath. Not eating for few days. I want to save my Koi. It could be that your fish is suffering from something stress related like harassment from other fish or perhaps it has a bacterial infection internally or externally somewhere. If its having trouble respiring then you may have high ammonia levels in your tank which would cause a cascade of health problems with your fish.

    Hi koi Care, Thank you for your prompt response. This fish is not eating any food for more than a week. Any suggestion for a vitamin or liquid food I can dissolve in the water.

    This fish is approximately 8cm long. Otherwise you may have to do antibacterial injections. Tumors can be malignant or benign so you may be able to leave this fish as is without any further problems however if its malignant or grows big enough to hinder the fish then that is when you will want to consider having it removed. They may be scared to come out because there may be a bird or another animal that is trying to eat them when you are not around so they are scared to come out.

    I have a golden koi which appears to have white wisps behind its gills. It is active and feeding well but from time to time it lies at the top of the pond on its side. I have isolated it and used pond salt and mela-fix. Anchor worm, also known as Lernea is a crustacean parasite that attaches to, and digs into the skin of fish. I have a fantail about inches long who suddenly began to segregate herself from the rest of the gang in the 6, gal.

    She was never laying over. I set up a QT, g. She has never been that way and none of the others are either. I had checked for injury, nothing obvious. I have been heating, cleaning, salting, aerating and feeding her medikoi.

    I also decided to add powdered pure Vit. C to her water. I realize that could crash the PH but have checked it…all ok. Has scoliosis ever been reversed? She has been pooping up a storm, so she is eating. I am considering putting her back in with everyone else but watching the poor thing struggle to get to the surface to eat and having no coordination to do so is cruel. If you need to get a certain food to your fish on the bottom you can always attach it to a rock or something heavy. So for example you could attach a yellow bell pepper to a rock with cordage or zip tie or something similar and send it to the bottom.

    High in ascorbic acid is kale and that can easily be delivered to the bottom. I have written once before, but I have further observations that may give you a further clue as what the disease my koi carp carries. There seems to be a mucus covering most of the body which has made identification a problem.

    There is no sign of an injury or of the fish scratching itself, although the scales do seem slightly raised. The body is slightly thin and it stays close to a water fall, presumably for oxygen. When it is not by the fall it stays at the top but is not gulping for air as expected.

    There are two other koi in the pond which so far do not seem affected. Your Koi fish may have Lymphocystis, also known as Carp Pox if it has any buff discoloration on its skin. Another sign of Lymphocystis is shiny, greasy looking skin. Carefully watch the fish for a week after adding salt. If you still notice the symptoms mentioned above, then the fish is suffering from Epistylis. Epistylis is an uncommon parasitic infection that is dangerous and can cause other diseases and ulcers in your Koi.

    Change the water in the pond and add salt to combat these parasites. If its epistylis you can also treat with formalin-based solutions. Carp pox has been known about in the koi world for over years so its definitely not new but unfortunately this herpes virus is chronic though not necessarily life threatening. Clamped fins is typically a result of stress. Raising the water to over 60 degress F will help if its carp pox. Viral afflictions can be difficult to diagnose as a general rule, a lot of the symptoms are similar.

    I have lost 2 KOI and a third one is showing the same symptoms, They developed a red spot on their bodies in the same place, right side of body right below the dorsal fin.

    I was told these reading were OK yet my fish are still dying. I am a novice at owning KOI, they came with my house when I bought it. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hi Jeff, sorry for the delayed response. You could get away with at pH of 6. Remember that the pH scale is logarithmic so any small swings are a big deal. Ammonia really should be zero and your nitrite looks good. It sounds like your koi may be experiencing ulcers on their bodies and ulcers are typically a sign that something larger is going on.

    Ulcers are often caused by parasites that get on the skin and through invasive parasitic action expose the area to bacterial infection and ulcers. What you can do is feed with Medi-Koi and try to treat the external bacterial infection with Mela-Fix. Sounds to me like your fish has some degree of scoliosis which is most likely due to a lack a vitamin C in its diet.

    Try attaching something high in vit. You could also quarantine the fish and feed the same -that way you could be sure the afflicted fish is eating. You may need to do anti-bacterial injections as well but you will need to call someone in to do that. I have two mature 6 years old laying on their sides at bottom of pond. But they do still swim normally around most of the time. It is winter in South Africa. What kind of water temps are you seeing? I have notice today that one of my largest black carps has developed white fluffy, cotton wool like spots all over his body.

    He also looks like he is gulping for air sometimes. I cleaned the entire pond water out a few months ago and regularly was the filter foam out. What can I do to treat him? Definitely sounds like columnaris or cotton wool disease.

    You can treat the water with potassium permanganate. The gulping for air sounds like the fungus has made its way to the gills hence the labored respiration. You can remove the fungus on the body with cotton swabs and an antibiotic cream to follow. You may also want to consider antibiotic injections for the fish as well. Thanks for the reply.

    The back of the packaging says this product is safe for wildlife using the pond, I suppose including my dog! Do you know much about this sort of product? We moved into a house with a very small pond maybe feet across by feet wide and a few feet deep a couple months ago. Any idea how to save the two??? I know there is an algae problem. There is a pump. Can they be saved? Do I try to take them out of the pond in a bucket or something?

    If so, what temperature of water? This will essentially burn the gills of your fish and cause them to gasp. Antother thing is that you may not have adequate aeration and this is especially a problem in a small pond with high temps. I did a some homework and assumed it was tail rot and started treating the whole pond with Melafix. After a treatments of 12 oz. I increased the Melafix to 16 oz.

    I also got the salt level up to. The koi is eating and was eating like a pig when he was in the pond. I think I was over feeding the pond and this is what possibly caused the problem. All the other fish seem fine and active. The pump is moving about gph. I do need to get a water sample to a local pond shop for analysis. Thanks so very much for your help, I am desperate. Not only to I want to cure the Koi but want to figure out what is the possible problem in the Pond that had been so perfect and almost maintenance free for years.

    The melafix is a good plan as are water changes but I would definitely quarantine your fish -its so much easier to treat and you can be sure that it is eating any special foods that you give like Medi Koi which you may want to look into starting. You may have high ammonia but the signs are typically fish gasping at the surface and clamped fins. Also, you can bring the salt up to 0. Ideally, if you do a quarantine with higher salt, melafix and medi koi and do a whole pond treatment with microbe lift you should be in good shape.

    Hope this helps, Grant. My Koi has red spot on the fin and the tail. What should I do? Roberta, You need to quarantine your fish, first off. Then increase the salt concentration to 0. You will want to treat the water with mela-fix. Make sure your quarantine has good aeration and filtration. Your pond water probably has an increase in excess nutrients that allow bacteria, like the one most likely causing the red spots, to thrive. You will want to test your pond water on a regular basis and watch for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates.

    You can even do something like microbe-lift to boost your beneficial bacteria load in your filter media. Thank you so much for your reply, Grant. I have a gallon size pond. So far, one of the local fish guy came and added 5 of salt then some blue liquid….. It has been about 6 weeks and the poor fish still has the red spots none of the other 5 has the problem. However, it eats and swims around normally. There is no way I can quarantine that fish. My Koi keep spinning in the pond…I quarantine her and add salt, green and blue medi and heater to 30 deg with oxygen… but seems like nothing much better… She still keep spinning.

    You may also want to check your water chemistry to see if anything is out of line. Sounds like your water chemistry is bad. You may have an excess of ammonia.

    Start with the water chemistry -test it or have it tested. Make sure your filter is appropriate for the size tank you have and that it has plenty of beneficial bacteria on it. As of now, it has completely gone away; however I am now seeing a strange lump sort of greenish yellow in color on his gill flap. He had no injury or stressful situation…. Is it irregular in shape or like a round, humped disc?

    I have a butterfly ongon. It has pinkish blobs on it which I think is koi pox but at the same time the fins are all shredded. None of the other fish are affected. I am currently treating them all with anti bacterial food. Do you have any other suggestions? I thought maybe fin rot but there are no red streaks. Once you test the water that will help you determine the appropriate next step. If your water chemistry is good you may want to quarantine the affected fish though so you can better administer treatment.

    One koi recently started sort of laying on the bottom but he would swim with the other fish then go back to the bottom and just lay. Today I saw he has like grayish fuzzy stuff on him. I put him in a net by himself and am going to put him in something with oxygen until I figure out what is going on.

    One other fish sort of looks like it has jagged fins. Any suggestions on what may be going on and how I can fix this? First off, test the water chemistry and look for high nutrients like ammonia and nitrites. It sounds like your fish with fuzzies could have either fungal hypahe or ich-both are on the common side when it comes to fish diseases. Its a product made from the extract of the West Indian Bay Tree which has natural anti fungal properties.

    Another product with a similar name, Melafix, is extracted from the maleleuca tree and has antibacterial properties. If the fuzzy stuff is ich there are a couple of treatments that I list in my diseases article http: As far as the tattered fins go ,that may be a sign of dietary deficiency but more likely its a sign of stress potentially stress brought on by high ammonia.

    I had one koi lay on its side gasping for air I took it out and it died quickly then one of my older kio did the same this fish is approx.

    Almost sounds as if they were poisoned. I would suggest getting rid of that medium and going back to what you had before. Keep doing water changes regularly but watch for pH spikes. Have the water tested and look for something that may have caused your koi to have a hard time respiring like burned gills from high ammonia.

    I brought a grade a koi carp and a blue film has appeared over his eye and scales on one side, he also seems a bit limp at times and has trouble using his fins, any idea what this could be? And if it will spread to my other fish.

    It can afflict your other fish. In addition to adding salt to your pond try this as well an excerpt from my site:. Treatments for cloudy eye are a medicated koi food formulated to handle fungal and bacterial issues called Medi-Koi and or Mela-Fix. In the last week. We have lost many large koi. We have noticed they are scrapping their belly on the bottom of our indoor pond.

    Other then they are extreamly slimy. Any ideas as to what to do to save the rest of our fish. Sounds to me like parasites. They will often scrape the bottom flashing to rid themselves of it.

    Flukes are often the culprit in these cases but usually the water chemistry must be such that flukes and other parasites are able to thrive. To treat flukes here is an excerpt from my site:. Most likely that is a swim bladder problem brought on by a bacterial infection. You could try to increase salt concentration in your water to start attacking the bacteria. You could also feed your koi Medi-Koi as it is specially formulated for internal bacterial infections. One of my fish has a gill cover that bends out at the edge.

    He seems fine and eats as much food as the rest and does not look ill at all. Is it just a malformation from birth? This fish is the off spring of two of our other fish. A bit of flair in the operculum has been associated with periods of low dissolved oxygen in the water or even overcrowded conditions.

    Thanks Grant, that fits perfectly as this fish managed to get into the frog pond for a while at one point, which is not aerated, so that would be the reason. Many thanks for your time. My baby koi has a white film looking substance on her, for about a week now and recently she been spending time on the bottom of the tank facing the glass.

    Any suggestions would help a great deal. August 28, at 7: Reply Koi-Care staff says: August 31, at 1: October 24, at 5: My 13 koi very large and have had babies have been in a big outdoor natural pond for 10years 20mx15mx2m with black native kookas. Its hard to tell for sure but 1or 2 of the others appear to have white eye brows. What can be done in this situation regards tony.

    Tony, the koi with the missing eye could be unrelated to what sounds like ich or fungus on your other fish. That koi may have been the victim of a wading bird looking for a meal.

    So if its ich here is an excerpt from my site on treatment:. This is an effective and cheaper way to deal with the ich protozoan. It has been about 8 weeks and the poor fish still has the red spots none of the other 5 has the problem.

    There is no way I can quarantine that fish, too big. My koi fish has a small cotony patch with a thread like worm inside on its tail.. It depends on the type of parasite though.

    Iam from india , i have just build a pond indoor and let some kois ,added uv fillters for it. You have UV filters but what about biological filtration and mechanical filtration? What is your water chemistry like? Most likely you have a extreme build up of toxins like ammonia and that caused your fish to die. You need good filtration for starters. If you are just starting out you may want to consider the book I recommend on my site http: I have a large koi which is about 20 years old and is now floating upside down and when the fish swims to the bottom of the pond it floats back to the top can you help!

    It sounds to me like a swim bladder issue or more likely an internal bacterial infection. You will probably want to quarantine this fish. How is it eating? I have a small to med koi in a 30 gallon aquarium with 3 other fish. The water has been yellow and gets cloudy fast, what causes that? Sounds like you have a build up of ammonia. You may want to make sure your filter is up to speed with its bacterial colony on your filter media.

    I have several koi in an aquarium. All seems well but I have 1 that has no scales to mention. Along his dorsil fin looks fine and his belly side is fine. Other than that all he has is skin. He doesnt appear sick.

    The others are fine. Doitsu are known to be scale-less. Not sure what you have in the mix but that may be one of them. The other option is an infection in which case you will want to treat with an antibiotic ointment. We moved into a home with a koi pond. One of the fish has very bloated sides. Has behaved normally until the last day or so and is hovering near the bottom. What is the state of your water chemistry?

    Infections typically arise due to poor water conditions. Hi i purchased 5 new fish 7 days ago but 2 of them have got cloudy eyes and it looks like a flaky skin of white and one is brownish ,please could you help me with what might be wrong. A good plan with new fish is to quarantine for many weeks prior to introduction into your pond. You just never know what fish have. We have 9 Koi about 2 years old, in L outside pond. Today I noticed that nearly all of them has like grains of salt attached to they scale head, fins and some of them have like a pinkish patchy growth.

    Apart from that ,they seem to be fine. I read on your web that it could be ich and carp pox. We had in a last 2 weeks hot days and cold nights.

    Could that be the cause and what treatment would you recommend for that. We live far north NSW Australia. As for ich -its prob.

    One of my fish died, but the cause is unknown. It was swimming around the edges of the pond for a while. We left the pond to do other things for a while, came back and the fish was dead. We have a koi pond. Koi and goldfish for 3 years. We have had a lot of rain lately. The fish started acting weird-not eating when fed, laying on the bottom or gasping at the top. Yesterday 2 small fish died. The water is testing ok.

    Today 4 more have died. We treated with Primafix and tonight changed out water. Not sure my last two large Koi and one small baby is going to make it.

    We have a corkscrew willow tree next to the pond. I novices it is losing leaves. They are turning yellow and some branches are bare. We were told it has Yellow Blight or Black Canker. Could the falling leaves have caused this? Fungal infections in koi are typically obvious as it appears as white and fluffy growths. If your water tests out okay then you may have had something enter the pond along with all the rain runoff you had recently.

    Perhaps some chemical fertilizer or pesticide got washed into the pond via the runoff? If they are gasping that usually means their gills are compromised in some way such as high ammonia that may be burning their gills but it could also be low dissolved oxygen, which i doubt is the case.

    With foreign chemicals in the water you may see behavior like gasping but its hard to tell as there are many chemicals out there that could end up in runoff. One of my koi is having difficulty swimming and its body seems permanently bent.

    What comes to mind is scoliosis which has several causes the most likely of which is bit. Maybe an internal infection causing the swim bladder to not deflate properly. If its scoliosis then an increase in foods with ascorbic acid would def. Help but if its a swim bladder condition then you may need to antibacterial injections.

    In the short term, You could isolate this fish and feed medicated food like Medi-koi in addition to foods with vit. C to cover your bases. I know we have high nitrates and nitrites, but am not sure how to treat this. I read on one your earlier replies that the water should be check for dissolved oxygen. Can you tell me how to do this, please? Some of my koi have been staying in one shaded spot, right by the oxygenators and the Laguna filter we have in the pond.

    The filter has a back flush and uv light. There are two nets with parrot feathers, lettuce, and hyacinth, they were eating all their plants. More importantly is dealing with your high nitrites. You may want to analyze how much you are feeding out and that there is not a lot of extra uneaten food. Secondly, how is your filtration? You may want to look at giving your filter media a boost with something like Microbe-lift PL -those beneficial bacteria are going to be the workhorse when it comes to assimilating nitrogenous waste.

    You may also want to consider some water changes to flush out some of those nitrites. My koi has like a white stuff on her but really does not look like ich and it has like a white cloud over its eyes.

    Its stay around the top and open and closing its mouth alot. Help she is my baby. This is from my site on Trichodina. Hi, i noticed that my koi started having reddish spots flat on its body and it has became more and more restless. Sometimes it will jump up and luckily land back into the pond and most of the times, it would swim around the pond and rub its body against the side of the pond. This has been going on since a few days ago.

    Isit possible that this was caused due to adding 4 new koi into the pond? Is it possible this is a fungus disease.

    One of the fish has what looks to be welts or a wrinkled look in its spine and tail area. Any other strange behavior from other fish? I have two Koi. One Orange has discolored spots all over his body. Some are the size of a quarter. He also has discoloration on his tail.

    The other has no discoloration but they are both laying on the bottom of the pond and are not eating. The orange ones eyes are almost half closed and they will randomly swim real fast around the pond and then lay back down. I have treated for two days now with Melafix and Pimafix. They do flash every once in a while. I had my water tested at my local pet store and they said the water was perfect.

    In this case it sounds like some sort of parasite. From the description it sounds like argulus fish lice. This is from my site:. Hi there, I have a ghost kio 20yrs old and have noticed today that its body is covered in what I can only describe as a mildew like coating on its scales and all fins, no white cottenwool effect, no ulcers, no redening on its body. This has appeared over the last 48hrs. Any ideas please as i would hate to loose it after all these years.

    Its in a pond that is gals with other kio and goldfish. I can only think of two possibilities: Fungal growths usually only affect areas on koi that are already afflicted with an ulcer or another similar malady. My Koi Fish started to swim on its back this afternoon. It has pop eyes and they are looking down. How and where can a person obtain the supplies necessary to perform antibacterial injections?

    Is this something I can do or do I have to bring the fish somewhere else? Is it prudent to treat the water with medications that would prevent the infection of fish prior to the onset of symptoms? I have a large Koi aprox. It will help renew the slime coating that can suffer during times of stress. My Koi little fin on the bottom of her body is twisted. Do you know why his happen? Could she be hurt? Could have gotten an injury that healed strangely.

    Are you sure this is a new thing or was it like this since it was young? I have a large white koi that I have had for about 10 years. Almost like a bruise but red. You will need to get some Baytril injections. Its best to get someone with experience to do this if you are not familiar. You will also want to quarantine and feed medicated food like Medi-Koi.

    Hi over the past week alot of our koi have become ill, they are all hiding around the plants at the corners of our pond, not swimming much and some have like a white whispery coating whilst others have a green moss coating,our biggest fish started swimming on his side knocking into the walls of the pond and has now died, we have also noticed one was bleeding from his gills, some also look like they have fin rot, some gold fish also have these symptoms can anyone help please a total of 5 carp have now died.

    It sounds very much like you have water quality issues bringing all these maladies on. Have you done any water testing? Maintain a healthy, clean pond and treat ulcers with a topicalantibacterial such as Panalog to stop the bacteria in their tracks. My koi has a tumor like blob that has broke through his scales under his dorsal fin.

    He still eats and swims around but does not use that fin. What should I do, Please help!!! That sounds like carp pox. Hi my koi was sitting on the bottom and after some water changes and some tetra medicine he slowly swims around and occasionally stays on top i guess for air.

    I would really appreciate if you respond thanks. Is your koi now bloated or just the cichlid? All water parameters are within normal range. Occupants — 3 Kois — 26 to 30 inches long weighing 9 or so pounds, age 14 years Occupants — 4 Kois 20 to 25 inches long Weighing 7 pounds or so ,age 14 years Occupants — 3 Kois 15 to 20 Inches long weighing 5 pounds or so, age 10 years.

    Slim coat looks good, eyes are clear, respiration seems fine. Everyone else looks fine no redness to their fins. Everyone ate this morning. But I am worried. Is not flukes or fin rot or lice. She has no ulcers or sores anywhere but that fin I have never seen a kois fin so red. It almost looks like it is bleeding from her body to her fin at the spot they connect.

    I saw that 1 of my koi had white fluff on his body, was not swimming and segregated form the rest. I gave him that last dosage 2 days ago. The quarantine tank is good but you may also want to gradually increase the salinity to 0. This will make it difficult for the ich protozoan and give your koi a bit of osmotic relief towards the lower salinities. For fungus and external bacterial problems mela-fix is great. Thank you for all the advice. After reading, was able to look for Melafix.

    The koi is doing so much better now. May have been a swim bladder problem. I medicated the entire gallon pond for the other koi, too. Since temps went to 29 overnight, I have a pond heater floating in there. The sick fish is now in a large tub, soon to be transferred to my bathtub at the suggestion of my husband! Fish is 24 inches long, so presented a quarantine problem use a huge rubbermaid tub that was rinsed and sun dried. At first I was glad I did so because she seemed a lot more lively and happy with her new friends.

    About days later though, she has developed a bright red tinge all through her body, tails and fins. I took a sample of my water to the place I got the other two and he did a test of my water and said to up the salt as it was low, but everthing else was fine. Her swimming is starting to go downhill and she seems very lethargic.

    If I am correct you will need to do Baytril injections best done by a vet if you have no experience with that sort of thing. New fish can often introduce new diseases. I noticed 2 had white spots on their fins. I began treating with an ich remover immediately and increased salt levels.

    They now appear fine but other koi then began showing different signs. A young one 6mo. I lifted him out of the water a then saw his scales were actually filled with a liquid which squirted out under light pressure. It is now around 50 degrees water temp. All the above stem from issues with water quality so my first question would be: The fluid filled scales is not something that comes up with koi owners much but going from memory I believe that would be some stemming from a bacterial infection.

    One thing you could try is feeding with a medicated food like Medi-Koi. You increased salt levels: You can get away with levels as high as 0.

    I would keep treating for ich. Are you using Melafix for that. Bent spine in most other cases would likely mean the fish is deficient of ascorbic acid but considering everything else you may have a fish with some sort of internal bacterial infection possibly of the swim bladder causing it to take on a bent shape.

    It helps to know what kind of parasite you are treating before you treat. See anything on their scales? One of my friend complaint that his koi spit his food. It just swallow the food and then spit it. He sent me photo of his koi and I see reddish in the skin and the tails also like the veins are getting red too. I have a litre tank. I have 2 koi. I have a problem with the 2 kois.

    It seems they have gill problems and keep flashing against the internal glass thermometer and dash from end to end of the tank. I have plastic plants around the tank and the fish are quite small. Please help me my carp fishes are dying…. However it really could be a lot of things wrong.

    Obviously the fish you put in from your friend brought in some disease or parasite -you always want to quarantine new fish first. I found one of my large koi floating on his side with, what I assume is a fungus, on all fins and on the body. I only noticed this because we had some warmer days and the ice began to melt. He is still in winter mode though so there is no movement. Mouth opens once in a while and his gills are still moving but very slowly.

    What could it be? Any help would be appreciated. A commonly occurring fungus in cold water is saprolegnia and can be effectively treated with potassium permanganate. I would quarantine if you can to treat. Hi— I have a younger black Koi who now has a single whitish spot on his back towards his head. It has irregular edges,is smooth, and after watching him for two weeks , nothing new , spot is unchanged. I have a tiny koi seems to be losing color just on her tail an has fluffy fungus hanging from tail fins only just seen it as she is about inches I spotted her hovering at the top of the water last night!

    Also other bigger fish seem hyper all of a sudden could this be linked? You could start by raising the salinity to about 0. In doing this you can rule out fungus if there is no improvement. If it is fungus then there are options like Melafix and Pimafix however there is also the shotgun method like Microbe-lift broad spectrum which would deal with both fungus and parasites.

    The hyper activity is probably not linked. Is it full moon? Is the water getting warmer? Those can have an impact too. We changed the water of the fish-tank days ago and today all of a sudden the water turned blurry and both the fish have dark and dirty spots and looks like the are looking lazy. My two koi fish are swimming with their head up and tail pointing downwards ideally they should swim side ways. I was wondering why a koi would be by its self on the bottom of the pond.

    Not sure what to do. Got some baby koi in the pond and all the other koi in the pond are swimming around. But as of a few days ago, two of our larger koi have developed a few shiny scale shaped spots on their sides. They are still eating normally but seem a little less active than before, any idea of what this could be and any ways to prevent further fatalities?

    Diagnosing these kinds of things can be challenging but typically most health issues are rooted in water chemistry and we are getting into warmer weather which is conducive to many kinds if parasites. So firstly, what are you seeing when you test your water with a test kit ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc?

    The koi tail has been turning red quite a while ago. The fish is also really slow and looks weaker than some other fishes. Can you tell me whag is it and what I can do about it? I would check that along with nitrites and nitrites. Another possibility is pseudomonas bacteria infection. Here is an excerpt from my site:. I recently diagnosed my koi carp having trichodina. I have treated the pond with formaldehyde twice now and I am into day 3 of the second treatment. I have also salted the water.

    But 2 have not eaten in last 7 days are lethargic and tend to sit near surface of water on their own… not sure what to do now?

    Whether to wait further 7 days and treat the 2 sick koi on their own with pp or do another formaldehyde treatment in 4 days? It is not recommended that you have a salt level of 0. Formalin also increases in toxicity when the water is more acidic, very warm or both. I would try to treat the other two fish in their own quarantine but this time with 5 days of full dose salinity 0. Formalin is harsh stuff so if you can go the salt route first I think it would be better for the fish. I have a small pond with koi and goldfish in it.

    Yesterday my biggest koi died suddenly, he seemed fine the day before. He had a red spot on both sides behind the gills and the fins looked red near his body, also had blood on it, maybe coming from the gills. The other fish seem to be ok, but concerned what killed the koi.

    Hi, while I was on holiday, my pond suffered a catastrophic failure where I lost most of 3 cubic meters of water, my son came and put some water in with conditioner, but was unable to repair the leak, so he move them to his house, and kept them for a week in the only thing he had, a small tank which was too small for the fish that had survived, they have been returned to a temp nursery tank, with salt a high as I dare 3oz..

    Hi, I moved into my new house 2 months ago. We have a pond with approx 8 medium koi fish, 7 outdoor fish and 3 rather large koi fish.

    After assuming we made adequate changes, this morning we woke up to find the second of the large koi fish had died. What could have been the problem and also, are the rest of my fish in danger? Although they all seem to be ok as they are all eating and acting lively. My very large koi was standoffish and very easy to pick up,witch never happens Yesterday I noticed she was very lethargic and when I picked her up her skin was extremely mushy and soft.

    I have 8 in my pond is 43 feet long and 27 feet wide crystal clear and everything has been healthy and still is except for her she died today. I sure could use some help. My koi has been subject to water high in ammonia that I have been battling with for the last 4 months. Water company protocal has changed. While I use a filter to remove chlorine the ammonia is left behind.

    I have switched to filling indoor pond with spring water and am getting some stability now. I have been adding buffer to help with PH crashes. Through all of this now my koi has lost weight and appears to be bent a little. Appetite is slowly improving. I am noticing hard to see it a redness and lifted scales behind anal fin on left under side of fish. The anti-epileptic effects of CBD can help to reduce seizure frequency in pets, and in some cases, bring them to a complete halt.

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    This is where edibles and Koi CBD Soft Chews are in their element — these are not only a delicious treat to give to your pet, but they take away the hassle of trying to medicate them. Some have found that CBD helps to improve mobility, especially in older pets.

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    Koi Diseases and Their Treatments


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